This is Your Brain on Music

My friend Richard Polishuk recommended this book “This is Your Brain on Music” by Daniel J. Levitin.
This book is an excellent insight on how your brain and body reacts and learns music.

We learn of the universally part of music in every culture.

“No known human culture now or anytime in the recorded past lacked music”

“every culture we know of has the octave as the basis for its music, even if it has little else in common with other musical traditions.”

“Whenever humans come together for any reason, music is there”

There is more insights on how music helps to heal, and what makes a musician, and why 10,000 hours, not talent, makes a person a vituosos.

I highly recommend this book for helping uncover the ways and methods we understand and discover music.

Terry Truhart


One Response

  1. hi tp–nice post about your brain on music–as you recall, we talked about this at VPT–my brothers father in law (the grandpa of the 3yr old you gave the harmony uke to) is a Stamford PhD in the psychology of Perception–this effect is based on scientifc fact–not some feel good stuff–good job–keep strumin like me

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