Hey, I want to be an ukeaholic.

If you a interested in becoming a ukeaholic, please email nuiukulele@pobox.com and I will send you a login and password.

The blog site will be https://ukeaholics.wordpress.com



2 Responses

  1. I just stumbled on to your blog. i play my uke every day and sing for my enjoyment. Older stuff mostly, like they used to sing at Shakey’s pizza. You know sing-a-long music. I have
    a concert and a tenor. also a ten string tipple. Lets talk.


  2. Aloha Ralph

    Yes, most of us ukeaholics play everyday. We all got to play the sing-a-long music. I have too many ukes to really just talk about. I have controlled my uke collecting addiction for now. But I realize I can fall off the wagon for the right dream uke. We all have our little vices. But I have to share the fever, The love of uke is too good to keep to myself. I can’t let people stay in silence when they are dying to be heard. People got to make music and sing. People need to know that music is fuel for their soul.

    Uke music keeps the spirit alive, and makes us all better people.

    Keep Strumming, Singing and Smiling,
    Terry Truhart

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