The Ukulele: Assembly Required

Dave Kempa-this is right up your alley.

Jordan V. Carroll

Final Product w/ Instructions and PackagingThe project assignment was to make something that could be assembled and disassembled. In other words, I could not use any nails or wood glue to put the object together. I decided to create a ukulele, which turned out to be a LOT more difficult than I expected, especially when it came to making the body.

Side view showing dowelsFront view, all assembled, not painted.

Back view

*More photos to come of it ‘packaged’, disassembled, and assembled with details.*

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Protest the Ukulele BAN !!!! at Take Me Out to the Ball Game Anniversary

I am mounting a protest to right the wrong of the ukulele NOT being allow at the celebration of the 100th birthday of “Take me out to the Ball Game” Twin brothers won the Baby Ruth song competition with a great rendition with a ukulele/tuba combo. The reward was they could sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the Major League All-Star Game. The ukulele was not allowed as part of the performance. I don’t understand the decision. I don’t what I am going to do, just yet. But I will not let our collective ukulele voices be unheard. Below are some the gory details of this injustice from Al Wood of Ukulele Hunt.

Terry Truhart

Baby Ruth held a contest to celebrate the 100th birthday of Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Entrants sent in their rendition of the song and the winner was decided by public vote. Obviously, the winner was a ukulelist, Adam Wilber. The prize was to sing at the MLB All Star Game. But, as Gary pointed out, the ukulele was banned and he had to sing along with a belching organ. Shame on you MLB. Give the public what it wants: ukes by the barrel-load.

I suggest your protest by grabbing these chords and playing it outside the offices of the MLB in protest. If it helps you to get as drunk as Eddie Vedder when you do it, I have no objections.

Going to the Windy City Ukefest?

Thanks, Terry, for setting up this blog. 

It would be interesting to know where folks are coming from to attend the Ukefest.  I’m just down the road in St. Louis.  I’ve been playing just about a year so I’m looking forward to the workshops and the opportunity to see and hear others.

Brad Griffith

Ukulele Events Calendar — Google link and Ukulele Events Feed

Here is the link to the google calendar that give you a graphical calendar look.

You can also disable the snap shot view on the Ukulele Events Feed on the right hand column to get a summary without having to switch web pages.

–Terry Truhart


Have you hugged an Ukeaholic today?

Test post,

“We each have two lives, the one were given, and the one we make. “

Windy City Uke Fest 2008 Chicago August 1st, 2nd and 3rd

When: August 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2008

VIP Reception on July 31st at 9 PM

Where: The Tiki Terrace


Just outside Chicago in Des Plaines, IL

1591 Lee St, Des Plaines, IL 60018

NE Corner of Lee/Manheim & Oakton

This will be the largest ukulele festivals in the Midwest. Chicago has had a strong ukulele history from ukulele manufactures to great ukulele performers. We wish to continue the aloha spirit and share with you everything the ukulele has to offer. The `ukulele is the gift that keeps on giving. We will have performers and ukulele instructors from around the world giving world-class ukulele workshops. Come and delight in the three fun-filled days of ukulele paradise. We will have an UkeTube stage where any uke player can show their stuff. The main stage will have top performers from the ukulele community. We will have starter workshops for people and kids that have never played a musical instrument of any type.

 We have lined up:

Mark “Spanky” Guiterrez, Gerald Ross, Victoria Vox, Windy City Islanders, Kimo Hussey, Ali Lexa,
Tim Sweeney, Seeso, Lil’ Rev,  Abe Lagrimas Jr., Populele, Steven P. Slivka and the Boar’s Head Orchestra, Barefoot Hawaiian, Jonathan Carreira, Keenan Kamae, Lopaka, Ukulele Tonya, and others.

We will have raffles, ukuleles, sing-a-longs, and ukulele instruction workshops for all levels. We will have the best ukulele vendors, and suppliers. All the ukulele merchandise you’ve dreamed about will be there. Drooling is not allowed.

Disclaimer: All events, workshops, performers, and performances are subject to change without notice.

For more info, or if you would like to be a sponsor, please contact us a

This is Your Brain on Music

My friend Richard Polishuk recommended this book “This is Your Brain on Music” by Daniel J. Levitin.
This book is an excellent insight on how your brain and body reacts and learns music.

We learn of the universally part of music in every culture.

“No known human culture now or anytime in the recorded past lacked music”

“every culture we know of has the octave as the basis for its music, even if it has little else in common with other musical traditions.”

“Whenever humans come together for any reason, music is there”

There is more insights on how music helps to heal, and what makes a musician, and why 10,000 hours, not talent, makes a person a vituosos.

I highly recommend this book for helping uncover the ways and methods we understand and discover music.

Terry Truhart